Crusaders 2020 Away Jersey

As part of its ongoing mission to end plastic waste, adidas has committed to shift entirely to recycled polyester by 2024. To inspire rugby fans to join the movement, the design of the Crusaders away jersey features aquatic-style patterns and is a nod to braded rivers of the Crusaders region.  The jersey is part of the new adidas PRIMEBLUE range – made with Parley Ocean Plastic, which is recycled plastic waste intercepted from beaches and coastal communities before it reaches the oceans.

The Crusaders away jersey has been crafted to reflect and honour the natural environment – the braded rivers of the Crusaders region.  “From the mountains to the sea” - the Crusaders jersey represents the mountain tips that form the backbone of the club’s geographical region – the Southern Alps. This great mountain range connects the six proud provincial unions of the Crusaders, and the people of the region, together.

Standing alongside the Crusaders is Monteith’s, who are providing the application of the new Crusaders Tohu on each jersey sold. This is part of Monteith’s “Merch Stand”, inviting fans to stand with the Crusaders by wearing your support! Only this version from the Official Crusaders store features the same branding the players will wear on the field.

To find out more about the Monteith’s Merch Stand click here.